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Tired of your job and your daily routine? Can't you stand anymore the city and its chaos, and want to enjoy a whole week at sea just relaxing with your family? Have you ever considered a sail boat as an alternative to your usual holidays? Selavi offers you a chance to make your family live an unforgettable experience, on a wonderful sailing yacht among the incredible beaties and awesome nature of the Greek Ionian islands. Just image spending the day aboard, enjoying the sun and the beautiful sea, sailing among the islands and anchoring in wonderful bays, where you can swim and relax. Then aperitif at sunset, and a walk ashore to discover the small tipical Greek villages. And dinner in one of the traditional restaurants on the seaside. And the following mornig, as soon as waken up, you can dive and swim in the beautiful sea, and then have your breackfast aboard in the cockpit...   Contact us today, and find out our best offers for your paradise holiday.

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